The Call of the Mighty Kale

I still remember the first time I touched Kale, it felt like really, really, firm, frizzy cabbage and for some reason, I imagined myself picking up all sorts of random decorations and eating them; super NOT interested.

My second encounter with Kale was quite different; I was feeling peckish and asked my friend if she had a snack to tie me down till dinner. She tossed me a cellophane bag of unidentifiable dark green and orange-ish chips. Kale Chips with simulated cheddar (made from cashews apparently). I looked at my friend like she was crazy but she urged me to give it a try. So I tried one, and then another, and soon enough I had polished off half the bag. They were amazing, beyond amazing, I asked my friend why she never shared these with me before, as she rolled her eyes at me.

I rushed out to my nearest grocery store, and picked up a bag, and then put it back down. It seems that Kale Chips came with a hefty price tag ($8-9). So I did a bit of research and found out that Kale Chips can be simple to make. Here’s a link to a recipe that I’ve followed more or less:

The best way to keep Kale fresh, is in the fridge, it’s also one of those veggies that is grown year round (you can get it locally grown at L’Autre Choix).  Kale is a really nutritious dark leafy green veg (source of beta carotene, vitamin A and C), and if you have a family that might oppose to it, mince it, and toss it in pasta sauces, salads, soups, or tacos – they won’t notice, I promise you. Kale can also be prepared boiled, fried, roasted, and grilled. I personally liked them best with a sprinkle of salt, a splash of balsamic vinegar and really slightly wilted. I urge you to get out and grab some Kale!

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