Sunchoke: Oft-talked about, Not-seen-much

As an avid prime-time cooking show viewer (Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, Iron Chef, etc.), over the past year, I keep hearing about the affable Sunchoke (aka Jerusalem Artichoke).  The most common phrase being, “I’ve prepared (insert such and such meat) with a Sunchoke puree.”  Maybe you’re all thinking, um why didn’t you just google it, but quite seriously, I want to know why I have never seen this in a grocery store in my life existence.

So let’s do a quick run down of Sunchoke info:

AKA: Jerusalem Artichoke, Sunroot, Earth Apple, Topinambur (in french)
Part of the Root Family: like potatoes, yams etc.
Tastes like: sweet and a bit nutty, in it’s raw state like the water chestnut
Shelf Life: Will keep a couple weeks in a plastic bag in the fridge,
Texture: Potato like; crunchy when raw
Ways to Cook: Mashed, Roasted, Baked, Fried, Raw

Fun Facts:

The Sunchoke has no relation to the artichoke rather is related to the Sunflower!
It’s one of those root vegetables that contain iron, so maybe you don’t have to be 100% dependent on spinach alone.
It can be a great addition to the Cole Slaw (Raw of course)
In Germany, Sunchokes are fermented to make a liquor called Topinambur

Final fun fact: oh yeah, we carry them in our store!

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